What is Happening?
Hosanna Church is in the process of joining with Word & Worship Church, becoming the Brighton Heights Campus of Word & Worship Church.  The end result of this joining is one church with one leadership team, one budget, and one doctrine.


How did this “JOINING” idea come about?
Hosanna Church was planted by intrepid believers from WWC in 1990, always working closely and with similar ministry DNA. There has been an ongoing discussion over the past few years between Pastor Gary and Pastor Rick about how we can become more effective at reaching our local communities throughout the Pittsburgh area. The idea of joining together is not a new one, but after 27 years, we believe it is God’s timing to combine the best of both churches together as one so we can be more effective in building the Kingdom of God. We were led to this conclusion through the prompting of the Holy Spirit and also prophetic direction from trusted advisors.


What are the benefits of this joining?
Simply put, we are better together. Both churches bring much to the table. Each ministry brings a commitment to the Word of God in our lives and the work of God in our communities. Both bring a heart for families and the next generation. Both have a passion for local and foreign missions. 
We believe WWC’s leadership, vision, implementation, systems, and structures will enhance and maximize the impact of the ministry of the Brighton Heights Campus in the community, and around the world.


What will happen to Pastor Gary?
Pastor Rick Paladin is the Lead Pastor of Word & Worship Church. Currently Pastor Gary Paladin is the Lead Pastor of Hosanna Church; when we join, he will become the Campus Pastor of the Brighton Heights Campus. Pastor Gary will continue to provide pastoral care, preach the word, and be an integral part of the life at the BH Campus.


Does this change what we do on Sunday morning?
Hosanna Church has a vibrant and life-giving culture that is uniquely suited to reach their surrounding community.  It is not the vision of the leadership of WWC or Pastor Gary to change anything just for the sake of change.

The past 10 years the leadership at WWC has learned how to implement effective leadership, vision, systems, and structures in a growing multi-campus church. We believe that adding these things to the BH campus will strengthen the impact that the campus can have on its surrounding area and lead to increased growth of that campus. 

One of the foundational ideas at WWC is that we have a small number of non-negotiable values, everything else is subject to change.  We will do whatever it takes to see people begin a relationship with God and become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.  

We are constantly working to be better at the mission of building Jesus’ church.  


How will current membership transfer?
Anyone who is currently an active member of Hosanna Church will automatically be a member of Word & Worship Church.  We are asking that all the members go through the Next Steps process, so that they can see it and understand it, and promote it. But this is not mandatory for membership. 


What is going to happen to the leaders at BH?
All leaders in ministries of Hosanna Church are encouraged to continue on as this joining takes place.  You have a gift, and it is our vision to see you use it to help grow the Kingdom of God and see lives changed.


Is WWC sending a team to BH?
One of the biggest benefits of this joining is the synergy of the leaders all working together.  There will be leaders from BH traveling to the other campuses to observe and learn about WWC’s practices, and leaders from the different campuses coming to BH on occasion to help guide this transition.  


What will happen to the assets, building, and finances?
By the end of this joining, all assets and finances will be joined under WWC.


Tell me more about Word & Worship Church.
Our Mission: See as many people as possible begin a relationship with God and become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.

Our Vision: The vision of Word & Worship Church is to Connect to God, Connect to Others, and Connect Others to God. This is what Jesus did, so this is what we do!

Our Strategy: We gather people into the family of God, empowering them to grow into mature Christians, equipping them to give of themselves and to go into the world to make disciples all for the glory of God. 


What is my next step?
Pray for God’s direction. Pray for the leadership of WWC and Hosanna as they navigate the details of this transition. Ask God to show you the role you will play in reaching our community.

Engage by attending church, leadership meetings, and small group. Ask questions. Be open and honest with any concerns you may have.

Serve in the areas of your passion, gifts, and skills. God wants to work in you and through you to change the world around you. The church isn’t a place or facility – it’s you.

Give your tithes and offerings faithfully.

Celebrate! God is obviously at work in Pittsburgh, and we each have the privilege of playing a part. This joining isn’t just the idea of the leadership of Word & Worship Church or Hosanna Church. We believe this is God’s idea.

What is next for WWC and the BH campus?
We are not done yet. WWC’s God-given vision is to plant campuses throughout the Pittsburgh area. We are doing this because we believe that every life matters to God. We are doing this because the people in Brighton Heights and beyond are desperate for an encounter with the living God. We are excited to be a part of what God continues to do in our city through His Gospel. We are excited to see what He will do through the Brighton Heights Campus and the campuses yet to come.




  • Same preaching schedule
  • Same Connection Group schedule
  • Name change to Brighton Heights Campus on September 24


  • Accounting from WWC and Hosanna will become one on October 1st 

November and Beyond:

  • Neil O'Donnell (current Hosanna elder) to serve as an elder until December 31, 2017.  Will go through WWC eldership confirmation process if he wishes to continue.
  • All systems and structures changed over by June of 2018

Service Time

Sundays 10:00 AM


1615 Termon Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15212

Campus info

One of two campuses launched in 2017, the Brighton Heights campus was originally launched out of Word & Worship Church as a church plant called Hosanna Church in 1990.

This campus provides ministry for all ages, children to adults, with a modern and upbeat worship service. We play songs by great artists like Hillsong and Bethel.

The nursery (0-3 yrs old) and Kids ministry (K4-5th grade) are available at the start of the service so you don't have to miss a thing.


Each campus has a Connection Point you can visit to ask questions, receive upcoming church information and register for events. Plus, If it's your first time visiting we have a free gift for you. So stop by the Connection Point before you leave this Sunday. 

Campus Pastor
Gary Paladin