Sarah lived 127 years; this was the length of the life of Sarah.


Sarah is the only woman of the Bible whose age was recorded at her death—a sign of her great importance to the early Hebrews and to God. She is pictured as the spiritual matriarch and the ancient epitome of all faithful women [1 Peter 3:6] She had long demonstrated her absolute trust in God’s promises and the stamp of God’s approval on her is contained in numerous New Testament references.


Sarah was called to do one thing—it was her entire life focus. She was to bare the child that would fulfill God’s promise to Abraham. The promise wasn’t even to her; she only had a supporting role to play. 90 years went by before it happened, but she was faithful to the end.


Lord, may I remain focused on You and free from distractions in fulfilling Your call on my life. May I be found faithful and seeking You, all the days of my life.

Jim Armstrong, White Oak Campus Connection Group Leader