But Moses said, “Please, my Lord, just send someone else.” 14 Then the Lord got angry at Moses….
EXODUS 4: 13-14a (CEB)

Read Exodus 4

Moses had a miraculous and clear call from God. In Exodus Chapter 3 we see God appear in a miraculous fire and actually speak to Moses, explaining what he was called to do.  In verse 11, Moses expresses his humility and unworthiness. In verse 13 and in 4:1 Moses asks how he should exhibit God’s authority given to him. In 4:10 Moses asks just how he can communicate the message. But in 4:13, Moses asks a different question: can’t you send someone else. He is no longer asking how to do it, nor just asking God how he personally can do it. God does not seem to be upset about any of those questions. But now God gets angry (verse 14). Why? It appears to me that God does not get angry with us questioning our worthiness, or asking how to do what He called us to do. But now Moses was telling God that He had made a mistake: Moses was not the right guy. I do not think this is just “one question too many” but a different type of question: he was questioning if God knew what He was doing.


When God calls us, we are often right to question our ability to do what He called us to. (We are often correct in our assessment of what we can do on our own.) We are also right to ask Him how we can exhibit His presence and authority and direction.  But God gets upset when we doubt His ability to choose the right person. He chose Moses. God made no error.


Most Holy and Wise God: may we hear Your voice, Your call and Your instruction; and may we trust in Your wisdom: Your knowledge of the big picture, Your equipping of me, and Your provision; that we might follow Your call and accomplish Your goals. Amen.

Pastor Larry Paladin, North Braddock Campus