After this presentation to Israel’s leaders, Moses and Aaron went and spoke to Pharaoh. They told him, “This is what the Lord, the God of Israel, says: Let my people go so they may hold a festival in my honor in the wilderness.” “Is that so?” retorted Pharaoh. “And who is the Lord? Why should I listen to him and let Israel go? I don’t know the Lord, and I will not let Israel go.” But Aaron and Moses persisted. “The God of the Hebrews has met with us,” they declared. “So let us take a three-day journey into the wilderness so we can offer sacrifices to the Lord our God. If we don’t, he will kill us with a plague or with the sword.” Pharaoh replied, “Moses and Aaron, why are you distracting the people from their tasks? Get back to work! EXODUS 5:1-4 NLT

Read Exodus 5


In the verses above we read that Moses and Aaron are standing before Pharaoh and making a request for the Israelites to take a journey outside of Egypt. Pharaoh, eventually denied that request. But I want to focus specifically on the beginning of verse 3 “But Aaron and Moses persisted…” Aaron and Moses weren’t making this request on their own. They both knew they were speaking as representatives of God. They weren’t just making personal requests. The knew what God said and also knew what God was eventually going to do regardless of what Pharaoh said.


There are so many times in our own lives where we see the impossible in front of us. We have no idea how things are going to workout. But we have to remind ourselves that if we are walking in Gods will and plan and being obedient to what He has said and asked of us we will see the impossible happen. There are going to be times in our life when we feel like we are going up against insurmountable odds just like Moses and Aaron but we must remember what our God said!


Lord, give us the faith to trust in what you have spoken to us and over our lives. Holy Spirit give me the power to walk out what you have called me to. Thank you, Lord for making the impossible possible! 

Rachel Stephanovic, Worship Team Member/Connection Group Leader
White Oak Campus