Moses and Aaron did just as the Lord commanded them. EXODUS 7:6 NLT

Read Exodus 7:1-13

Moses was commanded to visit Pharaoh once before this in Exodus 5 to ask permission for the Israelites to take a journey outside of Egypt.  Pharaoh denied this request and ended-up punishing God's people in response. Then in Exodus 7:1-5, God set the expectation that pharaoh would fail to respect Him and once again deny and humiliate Moses.  Even though he knew that he would be humiliated and rejected for a second time, Moses' faith led him to obey God's commands.


The expectation has been set by God that Christians will experience rejection and persecution daily.  So when I am at the grocery store and God asks me to help someone load their car with groceries, my answer will be yes.  Even if God tells me that an unsaved friend will reject the gospel, I will still be willing to share.  All in all, if humiliation and rejection are a consequence of serving and obeying God, I will remain faithful and obey his commands.


Heavenly Father, help me identify and obey Your commands in my life.  Help me persevere through hardships and challenges that test my faith and let the Holy Spirit guide my life so that Your kingdom is glorified in all that I do, in Jesus' name. Amen

Adam Riggle, Connect Students Team Member
Murrysville Campus