“Then Moses left Pharaoh and prayed to the Lord, and the Lord did what Moses asked. The flies left Pharaoh and his officials and his people; not a fly remained. But this time also Pharaoh hardened his heart and would not let the people go.”
EXODUS 8: 30-32

Read Exodus 8


This scripture is a demonstration of how hardened Pharaoh’s heart was toward God. Though God warns him several times to let the Israelites go by casting plagues upon him and his people, Pharaoh still keeps them as slaves. Each time, God graciously removed the plagues as Pharaoh had asked. Still, Pharaoh’s pride was larger than his faith.


Some peoples’ faith is a back-up plan. They resort to prayer only when they feel that they can no longer solve something on their own. When God intervenes with relief, they go back to the way they were living until they feel stuck again. Sometimes, we are guilty of this as well. We need to make a conscious effort to avoid “plagues” throughout our lives by trusting God’s plan and praising him in every situation, at all times, especially when he answers a prayer.


God, I pray that you remove any hardness in my heart that keeps me from chasing You. I pray for patience to wait on You in times of suffering and peace in my heart to know that You are always on my side. Help me to keep my faith bigger than my fears and remember that Your plan is perfect. Amen

Lyndie Candelore, Connect Students Team Member
White Oak Campus