The Lord set a time and said . . .

(Read Exodus 9)


Moses acted in faith and obedience.  He spoke the words of God and did whatever he was told.  He believed God had answered the prayers of his people.  The Israelites were free.

Some Egyptians feared God.  Because of their fear they heeded the word of Moses and brought in their livestock.  Exodus 9:20

Pharaoh and his officials hardened their hearts and acted in anger at God towards his people.  Exodus 9:34b


I can see God setting the timer and watching the people to see what they will do.  As a teacher I often use a timer as a motivational device.  I find when my students race against themselves they do the task more willingly.

God hears us, God sees us; HE is waiting on us.  The timer is set; how will we respond?
-in faith, in fear, in anger or doubt

Our reaction to God’s Word doesn’t stop God.  If we choose faith we need not live in fear. (references:  Jeremiah 29:11 and Romans 8:28)


Lord help us move past our unbelief so that faith may arise.  Thank You that You can work in and through any circumstance, problem or trial life sends us.  You truly can do all things.  Thank You for the love You give and the gift of Your power.  May we stand in and with courage during our troubled times and give You the glory, for You are truly with us. (Standing on: Joshua 1:6-9)

Suzette WIlson, Worship Team
Murrysville Campus