“They did not see one another, nor did anyone rise from his place for three days, but all the people of Israel had light where they lived.”

(Read Exodus 10)


Throughout this particular chapter of Exodus we see on two separate occasions that God is out to prove a point not only to Pharaoh and all of Egypt, but also to the Israelites, that He is Lord. First he destroys all the crops in the land by sending locusts so that there will be no food. But notice that the Israelites were not affected. He then ordered darkness to the entire land of Egypt for 3 whole days. Yet again the Israelites were not affected. What I found interesting about the Israelites still having light where they lived was that they served the One and True Living God who was God over everything. The Egyptians had a different individual who they believed was God over the sun, Ra. In this chapter God challenged the beliefs of the Egyptian because if their god was truly god wouldn’t he allow the sun to shine?  Throughout the entire book of Exodus God challenges the false gods of the Egyptians which each plague.


Being inside of the will of God is literally the BEST place that we as Christians can be. There are always going to be different challenges and obstacles going on around us but as long as we remain inside the will of God He has us covered and will always provide for us just what we need.


God we thank You for being our source and God who provides our every need. Continue to allow us to use the resources that You have given us each day to stay within Your will. Even at times when we stumble I pray that you would give us the provision that we require to get back up and where we belong as Your children. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Brittney Carmona, Production Team/Connect Students Team Member
North Braddock Campus