Then Moses said to the people, “Commemorate this day, the day you came out of Egypt, out of the land of slavery, because the Lord brought you out of it with a mighty hand.”

(Read Exodus 13:1-16)


After having been enslaved for 430 years in Egypt, the Lord has freed the Israelites from captivity. Now God is telling them through Moses – REMEMBER, REMEMBER, REMEMBER! With similar wording, Moses reminds them in verses 3, 8, 9b, 14 and 16; “the Lord brought us out of Egypt with His mighty hand.” Moses details how they are to commemorate the day they were freed from bondage “year after year.” 


God knows us SO well, just as He knew the Israelites. He knows we are quick to forget how He has been faithful to us in the past. How often in our lives do we quiet ourselves to remember and appreciate all that God has done in our lives? When we are faced with new challenges in life we tend to worry and fret and get consumed by them. Satan must take pleasure in our short memories. We need to put on the brakes and remember what the Lord has brought us out of and through “with His mighty hand.” This isn’t to say we are to live in the past, but the past can give us courage and boldness to face the future.


God, I thank You that as You freed the Israelites from bondage, You have also done that for me through the sacrifice and blood of Jesus. I pray that the works You have done in my life in the past will be an inspiration for my future. As years pass, and circumstances change, I know that Your “mighty hand” is always at work in my life, just as it has been in the past. Help me, God, to also be an encouragement to others by reminding them of Your past faithfulness in their lives. Amen

Dan Wilson, Connection Group Leader/Production Team Member
Murrysville Campus