"Don't make any deals with them or their gods. They are not to stay in the same country with you lest they get you to sin by worshiping their gods. Beware. That's a huge danger." EXODUS 23:32-33 MSG

(Read Exodus 23)


In these two verses, God could have brought a number of different things to light in your heart. For me, as I have been reading over these verses, God has shown me a bit about how as humans we tend to make deals with our sin. So many times I feel as if we (myself included) are around sinful behavior so much at work, school, etc. that we have just grown used to compromising to our sinful desires. This may not really be what this verse is specifically talking about, but in today's day and age, there are lots of things that can take the place of God in our lives. While we may not technically be worshiping something other than God, it is easy to be so consumed with other things that we can just put God in the back burner without even thinking about it. It is important to keep our priorities in check and make sure God is still on the throne 100% of the time. In the Kingdom it is vital not to make a deal with our sinful nature. It is a HUGE danger.


Resolve to give God your absolute best in every area of your life today. Ask Him to reveal to you if there is anything in your life that you have been putting above Him. 


God, I pray that if there is any area in my life that You've been taking second place to, that You would show me. You are the first and the last, and I pray You would be that and more in my life. Show me who You are more and more every day. In Jesus name.

David Rajchel, Worship Team
White Oak Campus