The Israelites said to them," If only we had died by the Lords hand in the land of Egypt, when we sat by pots of meat and ate all the bread we wanted. Instead, you brought us into this .to make this whole assembly die of hunger!" 

(Read Exodus 16)


The Israelites were saying how good they had it in the past when they were slaves compared to the present. In reality, Chapter 1 tells us they were ''oppressed, 'worked ruthlessly, their lives were made bitter…'' In chapter 5 it tells us that they had to produce the same amount of bricks with no straw provided, they had to go and get it themselves. Why was their memory of the past different than the reality of the past? Here in chapter 16 I think it's because they were hungry, tired, and angry...(HANGRY).


I've been, and, been around people that were “hangry.” It's not fun. It's also not the end of the world. I can get so caught up in my present circumstances or situation that it not only skews my memory of the past, it also blinds me of God’s work, past, present, and future! What if instead of falsely looking back, I stood on the truth of who I am in Christ? I would see God working in the present and look with excitement to the future!


Lord, thank You for the work You are doing in me. Help me daily to remember who I am in You and to look with excitement to where we are going. Amen

Bob Cole, Connection Group Leader
Murrysville Campus