And Miriam sand this song: “Sing to the Lord, for He has triumphed gloriously; He has hurled both horse and rider into the sea.”  EXODUS 15:21 NLT

(Read Exodus 15:1-21)


The Israelites had just been released from many years of bondage. They witnessed  the miraculous. Signs and wonders happened right before their eyes. Their spirits experienced the manifest presence of God! God's glory moved powerfully and He brought them to safety. Their enemy was swallowed up into mighty waters!! The awe of God, joy, thankfulness and song rose up in them! They couldn't help but dance and sing!!!


It's so easy to praise God when He does a big miracle in our lives. But how often do we go through our day and don't remember or think about what God did for us. The fact that we actually woke up this morning and we are breathing is cause to worship Him. Praising Him, worshiping and singing a song of what He has done for us should be a part of our every day life. He is so glorious and does awesome things for us every day!! He inhabits our praises!!! We should be singing a new song every morning!!!!!


Jesus, You are glorious, You are magnificent, You are Holy! Awaken our hearts to see You working in our lives!! Open our eyes to see You! Rise up a song in our spirits! Amen.

Debi Armstrong, Response Team Member
White Oak Campus