But tormented by thirst, they continued to argue with Moses. “Why did you bring us out of Egypt? Are you trying to kill us, our children, and our livestock with thirst?”

(Read Exodus 17:1-17)


God has instructed and commanded deliverance out of the wilderness of sin for the children of Israel.  Nevertheless, the children of Israel find reason to complain rather than give thanks.  What I see are hearts of ingratitude and selfishness. I see a people who lack faith and trust in the God who delivered them.  Surely He can supply their need for water in an escape He orchestrated. But the people chose to complain and murmur rather than give thanks and trust in their leader, Moses, and in their deliverer, God.


Have you ever been out of work? Do you remember how hard you prayed for the job and God opened the door for you to get the job. Not long after you begin to complain about the boss, the long hours, the pay is not enough and the list goes on. But, you asked God for the job, you cried out to God to open the door, and now that you are in it you murmur and you complain and you even wonder why God has you there in that situation. You question God and his plan for your life. Maybe it’s not the job, maybe it’s your marriage that’s  gone sour or your house is falling apart. Nevertheless, whatever the situation, can we still trust God even when we are in a dry place? Can we trust His plan for our lives and the fact that He has made every provision for our situation?


Lord, help me to always realize and know that in the midst of my situation You have already made a way of provision for me. Forgive me when I have murmured and complained and been impatient for Your manifestation. May I always trust You even when I can’t see you.

Leslie Harris, Connection Group Leader/Response Team/Nursery Team
North Braddock Campus