Read Isaiah 6

Then I heard the Lord asking, “Whom should I send as a messenger to this people? Who will go for us?”
I said, “Here I am. Send me.” Isaiah 6:8 NLT

When Uziah died, he was a Great king with a great reign. He sinned against the Lord, by burning incense in the temple which was against God's law. He was prideful & was struck with leprosy & he tragically died.
What did Isaiah see? He saw the Glory of God's Heavenly throne. He saw himself compared to all the heavenly glory. The more clearly he saw the LORD, the more clearly he saw how bad his state was. He needed to be cleansed to even say Holy, Holy, Holy. He was not even worthy to say those words. Being "Undone" is a good place for us to be. The Lord is asking who shall I send,… Here am I, send me. God wants willing, open, servants to do His work and be sent out. We must be in His presence & submit to His will. Go! If we want to answer the call of God, we must Go! When we do go, people may not understand, and may not hear or see what we are trying tell them. But we must go still. Preach until the end is here.
After God touches our lives & cleanses us of our sin, we become an instrument that He can use. God was still sitting on the throne even when the tragedy of the death of a great King happened. Even the angelic seraphim could not look at God in all of His glory. 

When in God's holy presence, let us be like Isaiah & humble ourselves before Him. Let us be undone. Let us say, “Yes,” like Isaiah, even if we don't know everything God wants us to do.

God, send me out in the mission field, whether locally or abroad. I pray that I would have a humble heart like Isaiah's and that I would go into the world spreading the Good News wherever You want me to go. Help me to be bold & to not grow weary when people do not hear or understand the gospel.

Alan Lohr, Facilities and Community Connections Director
North Braddock Campus