Read Ephesians 5

Therefore become imitators of God [copy Him and follow His example], as well-beloved children [imitate their father]; and walk continually in love [that is, value one another—practice empathy and compassion, unselfishly seeking the best for others], just as Christ also loved you and gave Himself up for us, an offering and sacrifice to God [slain for you, so that it became] a sweet fragrance. Ephesians 5:1-2 AMP

When I read these verses I think about growing up. It is natural for kids to act like their parents or older people that they look up to. Sometimes it can be a delight when kids imitate the good things they see us do, but unfortunately kids have a way of also imitating our negative habits as well.

When I was a kid growing up, I’m so glad that the older guys I looked up to and tried to imitate were good influences on my life. When I was older, I knew that younger guys were imitating me. So it was a constant reminder for me that others are imitating me… hopefully as I imitate Christ. 

God, being our Heavenly Father and perfect example in Christ, is who need to imitate. And as we imitate Christ others will imitate us. 

Paul tells us to imitate God and walk in Love. He tries to make it simple for us. Look at Christ, Imitate Him, Walk in Love. We need to make sure that our lives are filled with the Love of Christ for others. As we do that God is pleased.

Father God, Thank You for being the perfect example for me to follow and imitate. Please help me to imitate You today. Let me see You and do what You do. Help me to walk in Your Love, especially when I don’t feel like it. Thank you Jesus. Amen!

John Matarazzo, Worship Leader
North Braddock Campus