Read 1 Peter 2

“He personally carried our sins in His body on the cross so that we can be dead to sin and live for what is right. By His wounds you are healed.”  1 Peter 2:24 NLT

In this passage, God got personal. Scripture says He [Jesus] personally carried our sins… in His body. If there’s ever been any doubt, God is a personal God. He didn’t just take the weight of the world’s sin, He personally took the weight of my sin, your sin. This should set our hearts leaping for Joy! Because of Jesus, sin can no longer hold us. To it, we are as dead men. My hurts and afflictions, Jesus took them from me on that cross. The Message Bible paraphrases the end of this verse so well. It says, “His wounds became your healing.”

In my life, I’ve heard 1 Peter 2:24 SO many times my brain kind of glosses over it. I go about my life, living in this blessing, but taking it for granted. I drive to work, go about my day, come home  and never realize I’m free from the power of sin. It’s so easy to drift off and forget this truth. But right now… looking at this scripture... in this moment of reflection, I can’t escape its gravity. It’s amazing.

Jesus, I thank You for carrying my sins on the cross. Thank You for personally setting me free. Help me to remember this truth - what You did for me. Remind me daily the weight of this act. Teach me to live a life of gratitude - realizing fully who I am in You.

Daniel Settlemire, Worship Leader
Murrysville Campus