Read Revelation 12:10-12

And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto death. Revelation 12:11

During my years as a Christian, I have heard this verse quoted many, many times. It’s a blueprint for victory over Satan. First, the accusations can be silenced because we have forgiveness and power through the blood of Jesus. Second, within the Word, we are able to learn about the character of God and how to live a life of obedience. But, sadly, many times when this verse is quoted, it stops there. Yet, the verse goes on to say that the early Christians did not love their life, even unto death. Wow. They did not value their life one iota in the light of knowing their Savior.

I will probably not be a martyr during the 20th century in the US, but what then can be said of modern Christians? Can it be said that I did not love my life, even unto inconvenience? Or unto sacrificial giving? That, to me, seems a little lame after we read about the heroes of the faith who gave all, even unto death. But I do know this. We are called to lead a passionate life of faith in Jesus Christ, not loving our lives or anything else that competes with the lordship of the King. And we are promised that if we loose our life, we will find it! I might not endure physical suffering and death for my Lord but I can put to death all things that my flesh screams for and instead live for Him. Are we willing to lay our lives down, in surrender, in all things for Jesus?

Lord, please forgive me for the times that I loved my life. I loved my way of doing things, my plans, my relaxing more than I loved You. I want to live a passionate life of faith, touching You and touching others. Please empower me today as I once again lay my life at Your throne and empower me to live boldly for you.

Amy Hassell, Connection Group Leader
Murrysville Campus