Read Psalm 91

“For He will give His angels to protect you wherever you go.” Psalm 91:11

It’s absolutely amazing to know that God is such a good father and protector; that no matter what, He has our back. This verse makes me think of somebody important, the President, for instance. Everywhere the President goes he has secret service agents around, watching his every move, making sure no hurt, harm or danger comes near. Our God feels that we are so important that He keeps a host of angels protecting us. Wow!

Have I been walking in the light that God sees me in? God sees me as important and lovely as any child and even as a president, or the most important person in the world! From now on I will walk with my head held high because I know who I am in Christ Jesus.

Lord, help and continue to remind me that in Your eyes I am a child and so precious in Your sight. When the world tries to say I’m not I will declare I am a child of the most High God. Amen!

Shawn Daniels, Next Steps Leader/Usher
North Braddock Campus