Read 1 Corinthians 3

For we are God's fellow workers. Joint promoters and laborers together with and for God. You are God's garden under cultivation. You are God's building. 1 Corinthians 3:9 AMP

God created us to do a work for and with Him, but not alone. He created us to have relations not just with Him, but with others also. We are God's team, His building, His church working together in unity, for and in the community which is His garden and fields, in need of care and of love. Building relationships to promote growth and a harvest so together we can achieve God's will and purpose for His people.

What can I do;  what can we do as God's people to help grow His garden? We need to have a determination, a drive, a focus because we get so caught up in our own business that we forget about God's business and what He intended, then His garden and His field, His church withers away. We need to not only take care of ourselves but take care of each other so God's kingdom can flourish. How? By staying close and having a relationship with God, opening the Bible, reading His word and using it as a guide book, It is full of directions. It is food for our minds, our souls, our bodies. That is how we grow as individuals, and with others,  working and growing together to achieve unity in the community so He can watch as His kingdom flourishes.

Lord, I pray that as we read Your word that we would not just read it then close it and go about our day. I pray that it feeds our hearts, minds and souls. That we would use it as a guide, that we would hear Your direction and get to work so we can keep growing as individual and together and do Your will. Amen.

Stephani Creed, Connect Students Leader
White Oak Campus