Read Philippians 4

“And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus” Philippians 4:19 NIV

When I think of the “riches of [God’s] glory,” my mind does not go to the things that we normally label as riches, like money, possessions, and status. These things do not hold the same value for God as they often do for us. I see the riches of God’s glory as things that are related to true fullness of life – joy, peace, patience, love, etc. And if we are the recipients of these riches, how can we experience the feeling of loss or worry that come with acknowledging the absence of earthly riches? How can I feel anxious about money or relationships when I am truly experiencing the joy and peace that God knows I need? But God also says that He will meet all of our needs, and therefore we can trust that He will also be faithful to provide the material things that we need to live and prosper.

Realizing that God’s provision doesn’t simply address my perceived needs, but rather the real root of the things that tend to steal my joy, inspires trust. I can be confident that through God’s provision, I will be much more content than if I tried to meet all my perceived needs myself and did not present them to God. And this trust inspires faith to be less inhibited by things that seem to compromise my ability to fill my needs, because God has told us that He will be faithful to do so, and He will do it better than I can do in my own power.

Lord, thank You for Your provision. Thank You that You know me and You know what I truly need. Thank You that if we present our needs to You, You will take care of us far better than we can do on our own. Help me to see beyond the things that I think I need and trust that these things will be fully provided for as I live my life for You. Amen.

Noah Hodge, Worship Team Member
Murrysville Campus