Read Luke 5:27-31

“Then Levi held a great banquet for Jesus at his house, and a large crowd of tax collectors and others were eating with them.” Luke 5:29 NIV

Levi, better known as Matthew, was despised by the Jews because he was a tax collector. While Matthew was sitting at his tax office one day, Jesus saw him and said to him, “Follow Me.” Jesus showed no disdain for Matthew, but instead accepted him right where he was and asked him to enter into a relationship with Him. Matthew immediately got up, left everything, and followed Jesus. That was a seriously bold move in and of itself, but on top of that, Matthew then held a feast for Jesus and invited a large group of his disreputable co-workers and friends to attend. By doing this, Matthew created a way for the people he knew to also experience an encounter with Jesus and possibly enter into a relationship with Him.

Matthew was far from perfect, but he was a true disciple at heart from the moment that he decided to follow Jesus. He gave up everything for Jesus and immediately went about creating a way to introduce others to Jesus so that they, too, could experience a relationship with Him. As a follower of Christ, does my heart have the same passion for inviting others to meet Jesus? No one, regardless of what they have done or how they are viewed by society, is ever so sinful that God can’t save them and make something beautiful of their lives. How willing am I to go out of my way and do my part as His disciple to invite the lost into a life-changing experience with Christ?

Lord, thank You for finding me when I was so lost and sinful and for inviting me into a relationship with You. You have changed my life completely! There are so many who are lost and searching for an answer. Please remind me daily to be your true disciple and to make a way for those I come in contact with to meet You.

Liz Mazur, Connection Group Leader/Connect Students Leader
Murrysville Campus