Read Romans 6:1-14

Sin is no longer your master, for you no longer live under the requirements of the law. Instead, you live under the freedom of God’s grace. Romans 6:14

Sin is the tool the devil uses to keep us distant from a relationship with God. As we reflect upon our lives we can all find patterns of recurring sin that holds us back from becoming everything that God has called us to be. But Romans 6 shows us the incredible promises of God. These verses clearly explain how sin does not have power over us, but rather Christ has power over sin. Verse 14 explains that sin is not our master, but instead, we live in the freedom of God's Grace. When Christ sacrificed his own life, he broke the power of sin over all our lives and provided a way to overcome the attacks of the devil.

Every day the devil will use different schemes to tempt us back toward sin. Yet, God has provided the tools and means necessary to overcome these temptations through Christ. Equip yourself with scriptures like Romans 6 and Ephesians 6. Read them, study them, carry them with you when you come up against a temptation from the devil. Remind yourself daily that you live under the freedom of God's grace and through the power he has given you, you can overcome and defeat the temptations the devil puts before you.

God, I thank You for the sacrifice of Your Son, that He came so that we may have eternal life with You. Thank You for providing a way for us to overcome the sinful patterns in our lives and for a forgiveness we can not comprehend. Help us to walk in the freedom of the grace that You have provided and move courageously forward, leaving behind the sins of our past. Amen.

Ryan Herman, Audio Tech  |  Murrysville Campus