Read Psalm 128

Blessed is every one that feareth the LORD; that walketh in His ways. Psalm 128:1

Immediately verse one sets the precedence of God’s message in this scripture. That one who fears the Lord and is obedient to His ways will be blessed. The writer is basically expressing God’s fool proof plan for happiness and prosperity. That expands from our individual wholeness to a trail of blessings covering our households and nation for generations to come. I’m so grateful that out of the intent of God, this plan is available to everyone. Notice He never said the rich man who fears the Lord and is obedient to His ways or the married couple. He sets no exclusions or prerequisites to type of person capable of applying this word to their lives. That means God purposely intended to give this plan and His blessings to you.

Here God is giving us a true recipe of success with only two major ingredients, reverence and obedience. To have reverence and obedience to God is to show a profound respect and love that causes and convicts you to have preference to what He thinks and wants more than what you may think or want, or that of what someone else may think or want. How can I know what God thinks, how He feels, or what He wants? How can I prefer the ways of God? You can do this by getting to know Him. To subscribe ourselves to the ways of God is to subscribe our lives to the Word of God. Plan time to spend with God and His word. Invite the Holy Spirit to develop your understanding of the Word and you will begin to develop your understanding of God.

Lord, I thank You for thinking of me and planning a path of prosperity for my life, my family, and my nation for generations to come. Lord, I want my life to reflect my love and respect for You because You are worthy and good. Thank You, Lord, for choosing me to be worthy of all Your blessings. In Jesus name. Amen.

— Cherice Tillman, Connection Point Coordinator  /  North Braddock Campus