Read Romans 1:8-16

I yearn to come and be face-to-face with You and get to know You. For I long to impart to you the gift of the spirit that will empower you to stand strong in your faith. Romans 1:11

Paul is one of my favorites because he was so totally wholehearted for God! He was fearless and unashamed of the Gospel because of his spiritual deepness and the relationship he had with God. Nothing could stop him! The power of God was strong in him!  Paul was motivated by the deep love of Christ in him. He had the same love and compassion that Christ feels for us, in him. That fueled his eagerness to get to the lost and to the believers to teach and impart everything that was in him. It was Paul’s constant habit to thank God for any grace that he found within any believer. He definitely saw others through God's eyes.

So many days we wake up and move through our daily rituals focusing on the tasks that need to be done. We focus on our own needs and get irritated if things don’t go smoothly in our journey. How many people do we pass without even noticing them? But in fact, as believers, we have been born with a destiny in us to move in what He has called us to. We should instead, wake up each morning as eager as Paul to share what God has placed in us. Simply saying to God, “Let me be a coin in Your pocket. Spend me however You want,” would give Him such delight! Paul was so eager to get to them to share God’s love and power! If you think about it, his journey to get there was not easy. In fact, he endured a shipwreck and being bitten by a snake! Our journey as believers can be rough at times. But we can’t allow those things to get our focus off of God and the things He has called us to.

God, we thank You that You love us and for the perfect plan and purpose that You have given each one of us. Would You pour a huge dose of Your love in us today God, that we would see people through Your eyes. God, that we would be aware and not miss any opportunity that You have for us to impart Your love, grace, and Your spirit in others. Fill us with boldness and deepen us in Your Spirit that we would be fearless. Amen.

— Debi Armstrong, Response Team  /  White Oak Campus