Read Colossians 1:3-14

We pray He will give you the wisdom and understanding that the Spirit gives. Then you will be able to lead a life that is worthy of the Lord. We pray you will please Him in every way. We want you to bear fruit in every good thing you do. We pray that you will grow to know God better. He has saved us from the Kingdom of darkness, and brought us into the Kingdom of the Son he loves. Colossians 1:9-10, 13 NIrV

These verses point out that the only way we can have wisdom and understanding is by the Holy Spirit. We cannot do God’s will without relying on the Spirit. It is by knowing Him better that we will bear good fruit in our lives. Not only has God rescued us from darkness and brought us into the Kingdom of His Son, but He also gives us the power, guidance and direction we need every day to obey and follow, living wisely and pleasing Him.

God loves us so very much that He Has provided for us EVERYTHING we need. He is the One who delivers us from the dark, brings us into His family, and He even provides a way for us, through His Spirit, to live righteously that we may please Him. Even the things we do to serve Him are nothing we can take any credit for, because it is His Spirit’s power working in us that gives us the ability to do it!

Lord, when I focus on all You have done for me, it makes my heart grateful. It makes me love You more, and gives me an even greater desire to serve You with gratitude and humility. Help me to rely more and more every day on the Holy Spirit so that I can truly live a life worthy of the Lord....a life that pleases You.

Amy Noone, Kidz CX Team
Murrysville Campus