Read Joel 2:28-32

“And it shall come to pass afterward that I will pour out My Spirit on all flesh...” Joel 2:28 NKJV

Joel and other prophets of the Old Testament were the first to speak of the coming day of the Lord. The day “would be darkness and not light.” Joel saw God’s spirit being poured out on all flesh before the great and terrible day of the Lord. In the Old Testament the Spirit had only been with certain people for a time. Now, even non Jews are being filled with the Spirit. God’s Spirit today is with everyone who believes in Jesus no matter their color, age, race, or gender. As Joel said, “ALL PEOPLE” were offered this gift.

This is a daily reminder to me, in my time before the Lord, to ask Him to fill me with the Holy Spirit so I can go about my day, and give me something to offer others so that they could see Him through me. I didn’t know that “to be filled with the Spirit” means to be “controlled by Him.” The filling does not mean that the Christian gets more of the Holy Spirit but rather He gets more of US. I want that!!

Father, I thank You for who You are. I pray each day for the transformation of my mind and that I will be filled with the Holy Spirit so I can speak Your word with boldness. Thank You and I love You. Amen.

Jason Noone, Kidz CX Team + Usher
Murrysville Campus