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“I am the good shepherd, and I know My own and My own know Me”  John 10:14


It is easy to know a lot about someone without really KNOWING them. For example, I am very much aware of who Mario Lemieux is, and I could learn a lot of facts about him through a quick Wikipedia search. But I cannot say that I really know him without having a personal experience with him. It’s incredible to think that the God of the universe WANTS us to know Him on a personal, intimate level! He wants us to open up our entire lives to Him so He may give us His abundant life (see verse 10).


Am I seeking God’s voice for wisdom and comfort? Do I know His voice like I know the voice of a close friend? Are there any other voices (the voice of busyness? doubt? fear?) distracting me from hearing God’s voice in my life? Determine one way that you can set aside time to get to know God more deeply and seek His voice this week (prayer, worship, serving others, etc.)

Father, help me to discern YOUR voice over all the others in the world trying to influence me. Forgive me for the ways I’ve been distracted by the other voices in the world. I want to know You more; reveal Yourself to me in my current circumstances, and help me to hear and obey your voice. Amen.

Written by Mike Frewin, Murrysville Campus Connection Group Leader