Word and Worship Church was founded in September 1982. After meeting in rented facilities at the Holiday Inn, Braddock Hills and the Turtle Creek Recreation Center for 5 years, a committed group of less than 80 people purchased the abandoned Hartman Junior High School in N. Braddock. The building had been severely vandalized and required much renovation, mainly done by the members of the congregation. The North Braddock residents were delighted that the congregation restored the building and were in the neighborhood. 

The desire to make a positive impact on the surrounding communities of our church began with the founding of the Family Center Daycare which opened in September of 1988, and continues to fulfill its goal of providing quality and affordable daycare to the economically challenged area. In cooperation with the Pittsburgh Community Food Bank, the church began distributing food in September of 1990. A clothing room was added to serve those in need as well. The relationship with the Pittsburgh Community Food Bank has ended, but we still continue to run the food bank for families in the area. 

Our Mission Statement: We gather people into the family of God, empowering them to grow into mature Christians, equipping them to give of themselves and to go into the world to make disciples all for the glory of God. 

The success of the church is not measured by how many people attend but rather how many are sent, reaching out beyond the walls of the building to make an impact on the world. Since the church’s inception, both domestic and foreign missions have been a core value which we continue to fulfill, not only by releasing people but by raising people up in the work of the ministry. Since the beginning all of the pastors, key leaders and staff have been trained and raised up from within our church. In May 1990, the church released a group of 20 people to start Hosanna Church which serves the Brighton Heights area of Pittsburgh. Hosanna Church continues its mission in that area of Pittsburgh today. In March of 2008, a second campus of Word & Worship Church was started in Murrysville, with a strong desire to link a more affluent area with a more economically challenged one. On Easter of 2012, we launched our newest campus in White Oak.