"Before coming to Word & Worship Church, I would ‘church-hop’ or not attend at all."

Burnt out from the typical church experience, Alvia had no desire to become a member of a church until she visited Word & Worship Church. The genuine relationships and the practical messages caused Alvia to turn over a new leaf. The simplicity of God’s Word being brought to life keeps her looking forward to seeing her church family every week.


Nick & Karen

"We visited a number of places and found Word & Worship Church a refreshing place to be."

Frustrated by church politics, the Cratsa family was looking for a church where God’s Word was walked out without compromise. Upon visiting Word & Worship Church (WWC), Nick & Karen found what they were looking for. The Cratsa family was thrilled to find a church where the people were filled with such hope and love. From connection groups to youth group, Nick & Karen are excited to be a part of WWC where their entire family fits in.



Ken & Holly

"We were searching for a church to teach our children about God."

In 2009 we bought our first home in Delmont. With two toddler girls we were searching for a church to take our children to and teach them about God. Our whole purpose of doing this was for them. However WWC helped us realize we needed a church for our whole family and a better, different way into Gods heart. So we ended up at Word & Worship invited by our Uncle and Aunt. We joined sometime before Thanksgiving and it only took a few months to appreciate the change and to want to keep going. By May Ken and I were baptized. Shortly after we were attending Connection Groups and sharing at church events.

Our marriage has grown stronger as well as our relationship with our children. We can teach our children with confidence about God etc. We have people to turn too now that we can fully trust and embrace ourselves within the church. There is more peace in our life. Ken and I handle arguments better and disciplinary methods with our children. And most important I find that we are reaching out to others easier, talking about God, and praying more for others. It is second nature now to speak about how God will provide and take care of us and make things work out as well as tell others they are in our prayers or that we are praying for them.

We feel so PROUD of our renewed FAITH and HAPPIER to be closer to God and more Open in our relationships outside the church.


Curtis & Cassandra

"We didn’t want church as usual"

In our experience, visiting a new church had it drawbacks.  With us having such a large family,  we would often be the focus of many questions and derogatory comments.  When visiting W&W We were welcomed with open arms and much to our surprise, having a large family is quite common.

In this first year that we’ve been at WWC we’ve both attended two Victory and Freedom weekends, been blessed to serve on the worship team and have been able to connect and truly fellowship with some wonderful people who love Christ.  The biggest blessings is seeing our children grow in their gifts.  WWC  not only challenges us but our children to step out in faith and begin to walk in our gifts.  We can say we are finally home and excited about what God has in Store.


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